The importance of philanthropy

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The research universities represented by the Glion Colloquium have been responsible for many of the greatest discoveries and intellectual breakthroughs in history. I am proud to lead one of these universities. For the last 800 years in Cambridge, new discoveries have been forged to transform the way we live and understand our world. Yesterday’s discoveries here — gravity, evolution, DNA …

The role of universities and social needs in times of great change

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It goes without saying that universities are social entities, and the very meaning of their existence is directly related to whether they can serveand benefit society. Although this may vary widely among universities, and an institution may place more importance on one philosophy over another, almost all universities are founded on the principle of making positive contributions to society.

Responsibility of Business Schools to train Leaders

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Business Schools have been seriously challenged in recent years and have sometimes accused of contributing directly to the financial and economic crisis that has deeply shaken the world and has not been yet overcome. Different types of arguments have been used against BS, including the setting up and use of financial tools and products that turned out to be to …

Preparing the University and its Graduates for the Unpredictable and Unknowable

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Universities are a key player in the “knowledge society”. But this increased influx of knowledge and the exponential rate of technical progress also generate anxiety and fear that could undermine the fundamental role of universities to elaborate and disseminate knowledge. Universities should not be locked into the sterile debate of  

Team Players to Shape our Future: Do our Students Learn the Right Skills?

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Education is the key for success and welfare of a country. Figure 1 shows the correlation between the wealth intensity and the number of citations in scientific journals. Switzerland is among the top nations. It has a special, so-called dual education system (Figure 2). From age 16 onwards, the majority of our young people receive practical training in a company, …

Comprehensive Universities in Continental Europe: Falling Behind

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Universities in continental Europe have a long tradition of nearly one thousand years, incorporating the  idea of the “Greek academia”. The foundation of universities spread rapidly throughout medieval Europe, with Bologna (1088) and Paris (1150) as the first, acting as models for the others to come. The university started as a “universitas magistorum et scholarium”,  

Global Success: Real World Research ‘Meets’ Global Practitioners

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In this chapter we will first discuss the intensified global competition that seems to be evident between  academic institutions. We will then point out two dimensions that might enhance stronger academic  value creation in this emerging context. The first is more emphasis on realistic research — “real world”  relevance in research. The second is bringing a balanced cross-section of leading …