Summary of the Colloquium

GK Challenges, Contributions, Preface and Summary

The VIII Glion Colloquium was held in June 2011 to consider the roles that could be played by the  world’s research universities in addressing the various challenges of global sustainability in the broadest sense, e.g., climate, environmental, economic, health, poverty and geopolitical. This included  considerations not only of how research universities were adapting to the imperatives  

Preface to the Globalization of Higher Education

GK Contributions, Preface and Summary

The Sixth Glion Colloquium brought together university leaders from around the world in Glion above  Montreux, Switzerland, to consider the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities presented to  higher education by the emerging global, knowledge-driven economy. Launched in 1998 by Professors  Luc Weber (University of Geneva) and Werner Hirsch (University of California),